Minutes of AGM

22 March 2023

Venue: Stevenson Room, Franklin: The Centre, 12 Massey Ave, Pukekohe

Item 1: Attendance & apologies

Pukekohe Community Action CMDHB MP Andrew Bayly’s Office MP Nania Mahuta’s OfficeFranklin Family Support Pukekohe Library Mangere Budgeting Services Auckland CouncilPukekohe Youth Centre Middlemore Foundation CNF executive members x 5 Community Networks Aotearoa

Apologies: Real World Living, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Item 2: Welcome from Chair Jan Wallace.

Item 3: Guest speakers Ros Rice, chief executive of Community Networks Aotearoa, and Dr Jane Horan, independent researcher and  economic anthropologist working with CNA

Ros gave a varied presentation on:

  • current priorities for CNA
  •  CNA on-line Tick for Governance training programme – online course on good governance and how to learn it. Able to take modules at will. Not expensive at $100 for whole course with MSD grant available if organisation meets criteria. NZQA approved and certificate awarded at end of course.
  • Responses and implications to the Charities Services Bill as it progresses through Parliament. Ros spelled out what could be adverse legal impacts on charitable organisations if the bill passes in its present form, including an annual receive of constitutions, and giving a different meaning and accountability to the term “officers”.
  • Ros introduced presentation by Jane on the CNA project and research to get better treatment for community organisations from banks. Research followed request help from ANCAD as to why some organisations are treated badly by some banks. Jane outlined how the research has uncovered a wide range of customer dissatisfaction and disparity in treatment. Research will ultimately be presented to the banks.

Item 4: Annual General Meeting

4.1 Minutes from 2022

The minutes from the 2022 AGM meeting were taken as read and passed.

Moved & seconded: Jill Lomas/Debbie Whiteside

4.2 Chair’s Report, including reports on Social Services Expo 2022 and 2022 & 2023 Sustainability Expos

Chair Jan Wallace gave her report which is attached to minutes.

Moved the report be received: Geoff/Robyn

4.3 Financial Report

Treasurer Judith Tucker gave her report which is attached to minutes.

Moved the report be received: Judith /Jill

4.4 Election of CNF executive

Nominations received and seconded:

Jan Wallace – Jill/Robyn

Andrew Beyer – Jan/Pania

Helen Pulman – Judith/Lynn

Jill Lomas – Debbie/Andrew

Anne Doddrell – Judith/Jan

Judith Tucker – Pania/Debbie

Robyn Driver – Judith/Lana

Debbie Whiteside retired from executive. Jan moved a vote of thanks for her work and support. Seconded Judith

Adeliana Chanson (Auckland Council) to continue as an independent advisor to executive committee.

Nomination not received for Shona Paterson and no indication from her that she wished to continue.

Pania’s offer to act as cultural advisor noted and much appreciated by Chair.

4.5 General Business:

  • Jan raised issues surrounding the possible impact of budget cuts to local board funding, particularly support for community groups and youth groups.
  • Robyn outlined the actions of community organisations elsewhere in Auckland and told the meeting that even though submissions on the budget close on 28 March, discussion could still take place and organisations can still have their say.
  • Pania gave an update on Papakura Community Networks reaction to proposed changes and said in particularly cuts would badly affect Citizens Advice Bureau in particular.
  • Once date set, CNF to share to its members and advertise on Facebook.
  • Robyn suggested CNF and FFSS set up a meeting with Councillor Andy Baker and local board members. Jan happy to approach them with a view to getting a date.

CNA Tick for Governance project to be shared on Facebook.

Item 5: Next meeting

New Executive to meet 4 April, 2pm at Pukekohe Anglican Church complex.

Monthly meeting 26 April, 10am, Stevenson Room, Franklin the Centre.