Community Networks Franklin Monthly Meeting 30th September 2020

At the next Community Networks Franklin meeting there will time set aside for a workshop on the organisation directions. This will build on the areas that were identified by the community groups at the 2019 Community Networks Forum. There was representatives from the community groups, Iwi and voluntary organisations who used the 2019 Community Networks Forum to explore some of the community issues facing us in Franklin, and, importantly, seek a path to solving them.

The six themes that were identified and prioritised at the Forum were:

  • Developing a community of information support
  • Collaboration
  • Effective leadership and participation
  • Funding matters
  • Events that are culturally appropriate
  • Training programmes and opportunities

Community Networks Franklin will ensure effective facilitation for the workshop. With the focus of the workshop being for the participants to have their say, share their learnings and stories across the six themes.