March 2021 Meeting & AGM

24th March 2021 / 10:00 AM / Franklin: The Centre, Stevenson Room, Massey Avenue, Pukekohe 


Sally WarrenderAnne DoddrellShirley EmmettLynne Richardson
Bridget DaviesAndrew BeyerJan WallaceJill Lomas
Coral TimminsJulie KerrAdriana van AltvorstJudith Tucker
Arlene FredricksCherie MilneCynthia KarikalaLisa Richards
Lyle SmithTricia Stevens


Christine Hurst Hazel Davis Helen Pullman Denise Ewe


A brief comment on a what the meeting attendees where grateful for.


Minutes from last meeting presented

1. Minutes from the last AGM that was held on the 24th of June 2020, at Pukekohe Service Centre, 82 Massy Avenue, Pukekohe were presented. There was one correction to the minutes, it was recorded that Judith Pellow had been appointed to the Executive, it should have been Judith Tucker Minutes from this meeting were accepted as being a true and correct record.

Moved by Jan Wallace/ Seconded by Judith Tucker

2. Chairman’s Report

1. The Chairman’s report was presented, and all meeting attendees were given the opportunity to read. The report outlined what Community Networks Franklin does in the community. Jan Wallace was so grateful to the Members of the Executive of their on-going support. There was a summary of what was achieved last year and what has been planned for 2021 which the incoming Executive may want to continue with. It was moved that the report was received and all in favor, no one was against.

Moved by Jan Wallace/ Seconded by Judith Tucker

3. Financial Report

  1. The financial statement was presented, which is in a healthy state. Some money will be allocated to ensure that the website, which has been completed, will be the hub for the community groups, this is a work in process.
  2. Due to Covid the Expo 2020 was not able to be held, the Expo will go ahead in 2021 and the money allocated for this in 2020 has been held over to 2021.
  3. No questions were raised about the financial report. The Chairman Jan Wallace moved that the financial report be received and approved.

Moved by Jan Wallace/ Seconded by Anne Doddrell

4. Nominations for the Executive

Jan Wallace Nominated: Judith Tucker / Seconded: Anne Doddrell

Andrew Beyer Nominated: Jill Lomas / Seconded: Judith Tucker

Anne Doddrell Nominated: Jan Wallace / Seconded: Judith Tucker

Jill Lomas Nominated: Andrew Beyers / Seconded: Jan Wallace

Judith Tucker Nominated: Anne Doddrell / Seconded: Andrew Beyer

Sally Warrender Nominated: Sally Warrender / Seconded: Debbie Whiteside

Helen Pullman Nominated: Judith Tucker/ Anne Doddrell

Declared all nominated and elected.

5. General Business

  1. The success of the CNF Expo is entirely dependent on the number of organisations that participate. Historically there have been 50 stands, registration forms for a table at the Expo 2021 were provided.
  2. There was a link on the CNF newsletter of a website that lists grant funders in NZ. At the April CNF meeting there will be a guest speaker from DIA, who will hold a workshop on funding for non-profit organisations.

6. Guest Speakers – Middlemore Foundation

Lyle Smith and Tricia Stevens spoke about what Middlemore Foundation do working in the community. Middlemore Foundation is based at Middlemore Hospital and was set up about 20 years ago, and the catchment area is Counties Manukau through to Tuakau/ Port Waikato. Lyle’s role is which is new is to help support the community, matching up resources with people and he has only been in the role for a month. He is involved with the Community Garden in Manurewa which is a collaboration with Manurewa High School, using the students and resources to produce fruit and vegetable to benefit the community and students. Lyle has just started work with a local Marae to reach out to the needy families. He has also provided basic hygiene items to Papakura High School, and blankets to Marae’s. Middlemore Foundation provide a new baby packs for every baby that leaves Middlemore Hospital if needed.

One of Middlemore Foundation’s role is to help get the projects started and once this project is up and running then the community organisations take it over, as well as helping through networking to match up resources with the needs of the communities.

7. Jammies in June

One of the major campaigns has been the Jammies in June. This has been over whelming in previous years with the number of jammies donated exceeding storage. Last year due to COVID there was an increase in money donated to purchase Jammies instead of actual jammies, which meant that they could be brought in bulk and the storage managed. With COVID last year it was not just jammies that were being given out, some basic hygiene items such as masks, hand sanitiser were given away with the jammies.

Pukekohe Community Action gave out 537 in 2019 and 953 in 2020 pj’s in the local community, supporting the local schools & Marae’s. Middlemore Foundation can promote that collection of pj’s in Franklin can be dropped off to a number of local drop off points so that they can be distributed to the local community.

8. Middlemore Foundation assistance to local organisations

Pukekohe Library staff have noticed an increased in homeless people using Franklin: The Centre during opening hours. Middlemore Foundation could provide a pack to give out by the Pukekohe library staff which could include toothbrush, personal hygiene articles & a blanket.

Lisa Richards from St John’s has a community cupboard that are donations from the community that are available. Middlemore Foundation can help promote this through their Facebook page.

9. Getting to know CNF Members

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren – Anne Doddrell

Grandparents raising grandchildren (GRG) supports grandparents who are raising their grandchildren, they meet monthly. This is a place to discuss problems, what assistance is required, talk through what issues maybe happening with the children or the grandparents or just to unload. At the March meeting they had representatives from Voice who advocates for the child.

Counties/Manukau District Health – Jill Lomas

Jill was the Service Development Manager for Community Hubs, developing hubs for both staff and outpatients’ resources. The services being provided at the Super Clinic are being expanded, with less outpatients more daytime surgeries.

Judith Tucker

Recently retired from the role of working in the office of Andrew Bayley. She has been attending CNF’s meeting for a couple of years and was elected to the Executive at last years AGM.

Well-woman Franklin – Bridget Davies

Well-woman offers five peer support meetings a week, this can be physically present or via zoom, and also offer life coaching. They also offer support for 2 hours a week by helping with cleaning, looking after the baby while the mother has a shower, this is often for families that are disconnected from family.

Bellyful Franklin – Sally Warrender

Bellyful was set up 12 years ago to cook meals for new mums or young families that are struggling.

Another one of Sally’s skills is to help with organisations with funding work and help non-profit organisations with strategic development.

Pukekohe Library – Debbie Whiteside

Works for Auckland Council at Pukekohe Library.

Franklin Local Board, Auckland Council

Coral Timmins

Auckland Council – Cynthia

Was previously part of the Auckland Council Environment team, conservation work. Coming into the operations team working with Coral.

Andrew Bayley’s Office – Lynne Richardson

Works for Andrew Bayley’s, with a focus on social media. A large range of issues come in on a daily basis.

St Johns – Lisa Richards

St John’s working more in the community. Providing hygiene products to schools. Trying to improve the health and wellbeing in the community.

Anglican Church – Andrew Beyer

From the Bombay and Pokeno Anglican Churches. Previous to COVD lockdown the Manurewa Methodist Church did food parcels. Post COVID lockdowns the Methodist Church has had a fire and the Manurewa Anglican Church is being set up to do food parcels.

Pukekohe Community Action & St Andrews Church – Jan Wallace

Minister from the St Andrews Church Pukekohe, runs a number of programmes. One programme is for seniors and also a number of programmes for new mothers. Playgroup on a Friday parents which is a gold coin donation.

Food parcels are also provided to the Franklin community. Pj’s
Another service is grief and loss programmes in schools. Also in Ryman, Hospice and Prisons. 

Next meeting April 28th. Meeting closed at 11.15 .