Community Consultation Workshop – 30th September 2020

The purpose of the workshop was to follow up the results of a Community Forum conducted by CNF in September 2019 in order to guide the CNF Executive in future priorities and programme development.

The workshop was attended by 25 people all engaged in some form of social or community activism in the Franklin area. After each person introduced themselves a series of work group discussions took place with their focus on six areas of interest, concern and direction that had been identified at the CNF Community Forum in September 2019.

The six areas for focus and discussion:

  • CNF to develop a community of INFORMATION AND SUPPORT
  • CNF to source and offer resources to explore and enable COLLABORATION between and among community organisations seeking to work together
  • CNF to source and offer training for EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP AND PARTICIPATION in community and voluntary organisations
  • CNF to provide a focus for organisations for sourcing and applying for FUNDING
  • CNF to develop understanding and resources to promote CULTURALLY APPROPRIATE EVENTS AND PROGRAMMES
  • CNF to source and offer a CONTINUING TRAINING PROGRAMME for workers in the community and volunteers

The work groups provided extensive responses to each of these areas of discussion and these have been compiled into a comprehensive report to guide the CNF Executive in the next steps of programme planning and activity. A number of participants offered their assistance with specific areas of work and this is appreciated by the CNF Executive who will make contact with these people when those areas of work are developed.

In addition to all the detailed responses a number of overall themes emerged from the work groups and in a brief plenary discussion:

  • There is strong support for CNF developing a network of communication through a range of media and with a strategy based on “branding – fresh look – fresh wave – youthful”
  • There was recognition of the challenges of getting a message or information across to targeted audiences within a considerably fractured communications environment.
  • There is recognition and interest in providing support for organisations seeking to work collaboratively with others.
  • There is support for a programme of relevant and accessible training opportunities and recognition of the expertise and resources available within the local community.
  • There is considerable interest in programmes to assist with funding applications.
  • There is strong recognition of the need and opportunity to build culturally appropriate events and programmes, to respond to the impacts of ignorance and prejudice in the wider community, and to celebrate bi-cultural foundations and multi-cultural diversity.

The CNF Executive thanks and applauds all those who took part in the workshop and contributed their input to the planning and development of future activities. The Executive has undertaken to work through all the responses and design forthcoming programmes as guided by this expression of community voice.


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