April 2021 Meeting

Community Networks Franklin 

28th April 2021 / 10:00 AM at Franklin: The Centre, Stevenson Room, Harris Street, Pukekohe


Jan Wallace
Jill Lomas
Wasantha Marasinghe
Coral Timmins
Sarah Andrews
Joyleen D
Helen Pullman
Shivana-Maree Gordon
Adam Abdeldayem
Prue Mann
Sally Warrender
Anne Doddrell
Judith Tucker
Russell Daily
Rachel Maloney
Kevin Parekh
Troy Guest
Leona White 
Jane Walters
Cherie Milne
Anita Moleta
Yvonne Buchan
Lesh Dhesi 
Robyn HoffmanAndrew Beyers 

1.0 Welcome

Jan Wallace welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked the guest speakers for making time to attend the meeting.

2.0 Guest Speaker – Department of Internal Affairs 

Wasantha Marasinghe and Lesh Dhesi from the Department of Internal Affairs were the guest speaker for the April meeting, they introduced themselves and provided an overview of what their roles were within the department. 

The provided an overview of how the DIA can assist organisations access funding and what type of funds are available to community groups. 

Wasantha asked “How many had used DIA services to apply for funding” and how many had applied for funding from any source?

There are three main difference types of funders, Crown funding, Lottery funding and trust funds, these are set up for different purposes. 

Before you start to apply funding, the starting point is to gather information about your organisation:

Step 1.  Who is the organisation?

  • Organisation name
  • If you are registered with charity services, registration number
  • Incorporated society number
  • Constitution
  • Collect financial information about organisation
  • Board of trustee names 

Step 2 What is the project

Other information required before you start the application is 

  • How much money is required?
  • What is the timeframe that the money will be used for?
  • How many members of the organisation will the money be used for?

Step 3

What funding source will you be applying for funding.  

ANCAD, Auckland North Community and Development, produce a directory of funding sources, and this will assist with selecting the sources that organisation may want to approach.  This can be viewed on-line at www.ancad.org.nz.

Different funding sources has different requirement for receiving applications, some maybe on-line, or a written application and may only have specific time frames of when funding applications will be considered, DIA use “grants and client management system”.  If you are applying for funding from the same funder used previously you should use your accountability step from the previous application as the first step in any subsequent applications. 

Submitting a grant application for the first time can be dauting, DIA can provide step by step instruction when applying. Literature on applying for funding was provided from the DIA for the meeting attendees.  

The website address is www.communitymatters.govt.nz


COGS funding is Community Organisation Grants Scheme, provided grants to non-profit organisations delivery community based social services that contribute to achieving locally determined outcomes.  An average COGS grant is $2,500 to $3,000, and funding can be approved for up to 3 years, not for first time application, and is aimed at smaller organisations.  It is good to show how you are making an impact locally, how many people are you going to reach and what area does your organisation cover.  

You require three documents for a COGS application, bank account statement, budget, and annual accounts. 

Lottery Community Grants

Lottery Community grants are available for not-for-profit organisations with a community or social service focus for ongoing operating costs or projects which help improve the quality of people’s lives in the community. 65% of the income from Lottery Commission goes back into the community and is administered 

by the DIA on behalf of the NZ Lottery Grant Board. There are two funding rounds in a year, and they do not accept late applications, it is recommended that you get your application in early so that if you have missed something in your application there is time to respond.  If you have not had a response within a few days of your application, go back and check, you may need to contact DIA for assistance as to what you have not completed or included. 

Action: Wasantha Marasinghe to confirm if a DIA representation can attend the CNF Expo 25th May 2021. 

4.0 Auckland Council Grants

Adam Abdeldayem, senior grants advisor commercial and finance, from Auckland Council updated the attendees on to apply for funding from the Auckland Council.  Applications are made on-line via the Auckland Council, the grants calendar is also on the website which shows the name of the grant, open period for applying and when the project start date.  There are some specific grants that are only available for Franklin such as the Franklin Local Board Waterway Protection Grant.  

There are also regional quick response grants up to $2,000 which are available for a one-off community project, there is normally two rounds a year and can be viewed on the Auckland Council website.   The Auckland Council library staff can assist with navigating around the website.

5.0 Expo

Reminder that the next meeting will be the EXPO, which is being held in the Town Hall, Please get your registrations in, currently there is 5 organisations registered.  

Next meeting: Expo 26th May 2021 at The Town Hall, Massey Avenue, Pukekohe

Meeting closed at 11.55